Digital Unknown Music

It’s the second day of 2015 and things are looking good. The one thing I’ve noticed about the Northern climate is that Decembers aren’t nearly as bad as January and February. The first day of January felt like some kind of arctic shift taking place, you’re thinking that this year it’s not going to be so bad but all of a sudden you find yourself frozen to the bone on that familiarly painful Toronto night. Recently I’ve been able to get back to writing some material. I just posted two new tracks on my SoundCloud page titled This Is Just A Test and Two Zero One Five.

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Disassembled 2.0

I have come to find that this Disassembled piece is an ever changing project. One year after I put together the first one I’ve found that it’s in need of an update. I figured it would be a good time to make that update along with the big website redesign. Some things have changed and some have remained the same but the evolution always goes on.

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Veld 2014

Let me start by saying Veld was awesome. I’ve teamed up with Ink Entertainment for the production of their corporate site as well as a few others that are focused on the nightlife scene. This is an exciting industry for me to be involved in and getting to see this festival was nothing short of an amped weekend of red lining my body’s ability to maneuver through three dimensional space in the most unconventional ways while listening to pure voltage injected directly into the brain through my ears.

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Blue Liquid Labs

Oliver Majewski has always had a passion for mechanical engineering, although I’ve never gotten involved with it myself I have a deep appreciation for the craft. There’s something that just looks awesome about industrial shapes, textures, materials and the process itself. I had a vision to present it in a way that I haven’t seen inside of that industry yet. When I noticed the work he was doing on his lathe and mill I started taking photos of it. Eventually I suggested he should apply a similar strategy to his work as I do to my own, the presentation of these intricate parts has culminated in his new website

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Seafood Photography For Market Street Catch

It was one of my favourite projects during my time at Agency Dominion. A new website concept is always an exciting task to think about. We pictured immense photographs with detail so that you could taste the molecules. I bought three slate boards and made sure to pick out the ones with the most natural unpolished textures. We arrived on scene at about 10am and remained on site for the next six hours shooting the location, food detail and preparations.

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What is Desolate? It’s a short film that came to be by total accident. When I used my Olympus Pen 1 camera on burst fire mode I noticed the stop motion effect while reviewing photos really fast. The tilt effect was happening because at the time I had an interest in shooting anaglyph photos (you know the ones that look 3D with those old red and blue glasses).

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Stormy Skies

I shot this series during a bike ride from Toronto to Burlington, Ontario. The weather was pretty calm until I arrived on scene. The skies darkened, the temperature dropped and winds became uncontrollable. It was the perfect combination for an epic photo shoot. I must have some sort of fascination with gloomy weather and dark atmospheres because I was hit with the urge to capture it. I found a small rock bed that led to the lake and held on to a couple of branches.

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Experimental Flying Machines Of Antelope Valley, California

There are very vivid images that come to mind when you think of California. Picture Pacific coastlines, sunset Boulevard, Venice Beach, surf culture, Starbucks, superficiality and broken dreams. It’s true that all of these things make up the bulk of what this glorious state is all about, but deep down the roads untraveled lays another type of California experience.

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